Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Labour goes Rudd static with re-in station of Kevin Rudd

While the rest of the world got used to the Australian shenanigans with politics  with kevin rudd in the news earlier as primer minister  and then not  too soon , removed from seat , theatrics has happened once again  with  Now julia gillard current prime minister now removed from seat  and kevin rudd reclaiming his prime ministership that he won when labor won back the elections from liberals after many years


Chris Hayes, the Chief Whip, announced at 7.45pm that Mr Rudd had defeated Ms Gillard by 57 votes to 45. Mr Rudd is likely to go to an August election if he is restored to the prime ministership tonight after a 7pm showdown with Julia Gillard.

kevin rudd new australian prime minister

so who's is the current prime minister in australia ?

As of today (27/06/2013) its kevin rudd who was sworn in today , after Julia gillard lost a ballot last night  that was held within the labor party

Sources have confirmed that Mr Rudd would abandon the September 14 election date, and seek to go earlier – with an official election campaign likely to begin within weeks.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

PayPal Raises fees for customers and businesses


Pay pals new policy updates  have included a new fee  for all doing business with them, so there goes the theory with surge in customers  prices go down

what they say

We’ve included a new fee of 2% for receiving (selling) for domestic transactions if you are approved for PayPal POS Functionality and are confirmed as a provider of food and beverages.

how to make money logo small

its time we get some good alternatives !!


These changes will be effective as of 15 July 2013.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Javari in Australia

If you LOVE shoes and handbags the Javari store created is a unique store that offers the ability to shop a wide selection of shoes, either by category, colour, size, brand, or price. They are Detailed product descriptions – including construction materials, heel height, and customer reviews – make it easy to find the perfect fit.


Javari in australia

New views and innovative zoom technology allow customers to practically touch the shoes and handbags. is the powered site that offers a wide selection of shoes and accessories including a comprehensive range of designer brands.

As far as entering into australia, javari has no plans as of now